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Tsitsikamma Part 3.

After the zip-lining, the Big Tree and Marilyn’s Diner we drove to the Bed & Breakfast lodge we were staying at called the Trogon House and Forest Spa. A B&B/hotel smack in the middle of the forest with all the trees :) It was so crazy nice! Right next to it is a bird sanctuary and Monkeyland. And we got to see a lot of wildlife there! In our bedroom we found the biggest spider I have ever seen! It really wasn’t easy for Ryan to try and catch him when there was a wasp flying around in the room at the same time..! Later I found a bird that flew into a window ad broke it’s wing. Really sad but lucky for him/her that there is a bird sanctuary close. We also saw turtles, horses,  different types of monkeys and a lemur. One of the monkeys tried to steal my iPhone!! I was just lucky to be a one centimeter to far away from him haha.


The little bird I found with the broken wing.

IMG_3693 IMG_3760 IMG_3694 IMG_3743 IMG_3747 IMG_3746 IMG_3748 IMG_3774 IMG_3744 IMG_3770 IMG_3742

About 1 second before the monkey tries to steal my phone! It was really close - he touched my hand haha.

About 1 second before the monkey tried to steal my phone! It was really close – he touched my hand haha.

IMG_3761 IMG_3765 IMG_3766

Picnic dinner and drinks outside by the pool :)

Picnic dinner and drinks outside by the pool :)


Last Homegrown – Cape Town 2012

Here is something that I completely forgot to blog about. Last year we (me, Ryan, Robin, Martin, Nikki, Preller and Sam) all drove down from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town to go to the last Homegrown party ever on nov 3rd. We only started driving at like 6pm so we got to Cape Town at about 4 in the morning haha. 2 cars 7 peeps. The next day we met up with Zané, Niki, Brett and Alisha to party. We went to the Last Homegrown ever and the next day we all drove back again. It’s about 8 hours one way to drive haha. So here are some photos and a video that my boyfriend and his brother made  from that party  - which was insane!! :)

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 2.55.53 PM

On our way to the Waterfront.

On our way to the Waterfront.

Lunch and drinks somewhere by the Waterfront.

Lunch and drinks somewhere by the Waterfront. I’m the BOSS haha.

In the taxi on our way to Signal Hill.

In the taxi on our way to Signal Hill.

Nikki and I in the taxi - I'm making a funny face :)

Nikki and I in the taxi – I’m making a funny face :)

Nikki, Ryan and I - in the taxi

Nikki, Ryan and I – in the taxi.

View from Signal Hill.

View from Signal Hill.

Cheers! Having a beer at Signal Hill.

Cheers! Having a beer at Signal Hill.

Me and my love.

Me and my love.

Me and Robin.

Me and Robin.

Martin and Nikki - so cute!

Martin and Nikki – so cute!

Me and Ryan being cute too haha!

Me and Ryan being cute too haha!

Sam and I posing.

Sam and I posing.

Pre-party at Zané's place before Homegrown.

Pre-party at Zané’s place before Homegrown.

My lovely and I.

My lovely and I.

Nikki and I.

Nikki and I.

Ryan, me, Sam and Preller.

Ryan, me, Sam and Preller.

Sam, Nikki, Alisha, Niki and me.

Sam, Nikki, Alisha, Niki and me.

Everybody :):)

Everybody :):)

Unexpected shopping results..

The shopping trip to Greenacres ended like it usually does haha I came home with nothing of what I planned to buy. The reason for that is that Greeanacres doesn’t have any of the stuff I want and am looking for. But like most time I came home with a bunch of unplanned buys. Like small surprises to myself haha. I am in love with my new summer shoes from Woolworths, only reason I knew to buy them was because a friend has the same ones but with blue stripes. Also bought 2 pairs of shorts (my wardrobe was lacking in the shorts department) which I very happy about. Both pairs from Abercrombie & Fitch. My star scarf and aviator sunglasses I got at Jay Jay’s, and my chiffon-y type black see-through jacket was the biggest surprise of all considering how much I have been complaining Mr. Price and that’s exactly where I found it haha. I spotted a lot of nice shoes in there as well as workout clothes. Now what I still need is to find more tops. I can sit all day on Pinterest and Fancy and Tumblr and whatnot and think that I will be able to find all that stuff but the truth is that as long as I’m living in Port Elizabeth chances of me actually finding any of those things are very slim. I might have to start doing some online shopping again. Did a lot of that in Sweden ;)

IMG_3318 IMG_3317 IMG_3316 IMG_3312

IMG_3311IMG_3315  IMG_3314 IMG_3313

February Christmas Presents

This afternoon a package arrived for me from my mom. All the way from Sweden to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Only takes about 1 1/2 months haha. Good thing she didn’t send me cheese! Instead I got a package of hand made things. Hand made as in made by my mom! :)

I got this lovely blanket – at the moment its lying on my bed as a throw or whatever it’s called.





Second thing I got was this hood-thingy. And as you can see my mom made it my fashion ;) Fashion by Sofie. How sweet!

Untitled 2


The third thing my mom made are these wrist warmers, not sure if that’s what they are actually called but I’m calling them that from now on haha. They are mine so I can call them whatever I want. I could call them Bernardies if wanted to, but I don’t, so I won’t, As you can see my little logo is on them too. Fashion by Sofie. I like it. Having my own logo. Also the wrist warmers are insanely fluffy and soft. Will be nice when it’s winter (a months from now).


The final thing in my package was this….troll? Yes, a troll. Wearing earrings that I will steal from him. Not sure if my mom made the earrings as well, she said it was all hand made so I’m guessing she did. Did you?
Thank you so much for the presents mom!

December 2012 – random photos

So this post is a bit late… It’s now almost the end of January, but I still want to share some of my december 2012 adventures with you guys ;)

Like I told you in one of my previous posts (I think…) I spent december in Cape Town. My dad and his wife came down to visit for two weeks and we had a lovely but intense time haha. Trying to do as much as possible in two weeks and washing it down with drinks ;)


IMG_3021 IMG_3005




IMG_2935 IMG_2936



IMG_2945 IMG_2947


Wine tasting tour haha was supposed to visit 5 different wine farms but only did 2… Fairview and Spice Route. Loved it!

IMG_2998 IMG_2999 IMG_3001 IMG_3002IMG_2973


Will post more photos once my dad and his wife stop being too busy in Thailand to send them to me ;)

End of the world – not so much.

Obviously the world did not end today haha. Sorry peeps in bunkers all over the world that wasted your day. After going to Table Mountain I had a nice and chilled picnic lunch in the park with Ryan, my dad and Lena today. Baguettes, cheeses, potato salad, greek salad, crostinis and cashews = YUM. The weather was amazing, 36 degrees! We were supposed to go on a sunset cruise this evening but the weather changed into this:

So Ryan and I have been chilling at home instead. Tomorrow Zané and Robin are back in town and its party time again ; ) I’m excited! And just a few days til Christmas!!!

Table Mountain

My dad and his wife have been here since Monday and Ryan and I have been doing a whole bunch of stuff with them – been to the beach in Camps Bay, went for a drive and spotted a whale, had a LOT to eat and drink at different restaurants, went to the Waterfront and today we took a cable car up Table Mountain. So beautiful up there with the most amazing view.





New shoes and nachos.

Feeling way better today :) my arms are a bit sore but no fever or anything! Yay! Went shopping with Ryan at Walmer Park, a nice change from Greenacres. So much more organized and clean than Greenacres – loved it. We were trying to find a pair of sweat pants for Ryan but that seems pretty impossible – will just have to wait until saturday when we get to Jeffreys Bay, at least there we know that RVCA will have some. Anyway, I found a pair of shoes at Rage that I fell in love with! :) I have been looking for a cool pair of nude colored heels since like forever and finally I got a pair. They only got them at Rage 2 days ago.




After the short shopping trip we went to eat lunch at Tarantino’s. Nachos :) Because nachos rock. Love mexican food. Maybe I used to be mexican in a previous life or something. That would explain why I keep saying things like ‘Sí Señor!’…










A surfing kind of Wednesday

I started my day by eating a healthy breakfast, egg white omelette and coffee… Then went for a 5K jog down by the beach. Awesome. Went back home and put on one of Robins old wetsuits and went surfing for an hour with Ryan. More awesomeness. Got back and had cookies and pringles. Not so awesome. And have since been feeling kind of crap. Like I have a fever almost. So I have been lying in bed drinking tea while the guys are playing games. Didn’t expect surfing to be so tough on my poor little body! Ryan just said it might have been too much sun for me today. It was nice though :) Being pushed onto waves and pretending I was flying with my arms wide like they were my wings and the surfboard my plane haha. I’m so normal, I’m in the water on a surfboard pretending that I’m flying on clouds instead of white water. I did manage to get two waves on my own without being pushed – tough work for my arms. No way I’m standing up on that thing with my balance all over the place. Maybe if I had one of those stand up paddle (SUP) boards… I really wanna try that! A better fitting wetsuit would have been cool also, so the freezing water don’t leak in everywhere. Even my feet hurt now… surfing is not for me, but a great workout! Anyway, time to watch a movie and then sleep. Haha wanted to say time to go to bed but I’m already in bed! :) Good night! xoxo

Weirdest photoshoot ever…

I was just looking through some old photos on my computer when I stumbled upon a few photos from a random photo shoot for Streaks Ahead (a hair salon) in Durban. They gave me the craziest alien looking hair and the other poor girl had strings all over her face haha. It was quite fun though, everything but putting that nasty cocktail cherry in my mouth!

The last photo was obviously not going to be used haha it was just for fun. The whole thing was just for fun I guess – never heard from them about what happened to the photos, but they were supposed to be used in an ad on East Coast Radio‘s website for Streaks Ahead. I didn’t even get all the photos from the shoot which is kind of sad, it would have been fun to see the rest but ah well.

Thank you Mother Nature

Had a very chilled Friday. Mother Nature heard me and gave us a beautiful day here in Port Elizabeth. Spent most of the day on the balcony in the sun listening to music. Wonderful. A perfect day to do nothing. Can’t wait for tomorrow when Martin and Nikki gets back from playing with the Big Five! I’m not jealous… I just wanna play with giraffes. Nikki and I already played with lions back in 2009/2010. Anyway people, see you later :)
Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)






Women’s Day Lunch With the Guys.



Lovely day today – Woman’s Day and all :) We decided to go for lunch and enjoy the sunshine on the balcony at ‘The Kelway Hotel’. Turns out that there is absolutely nothing vegetarian to eat there so we just had a beer and chilled for a little while.  I think Robin needs couches like these on his balcony :)








What I wore today: Top from H&M, Pants from Von Zipper, Bag from Chanel, Shoes…?, and the belt used to be my moms.



After The Kelway hotel we went to eat at ‘the Coachman’. Enjoyed the view and spotted a few dolphins in the water. I had this amazing starter for lunch called ‘Avocado Ritz’, basically avo with prawns, lettuce and dressing. We all ate a bit too much but it was so nice!




Shopping in Jeffreys Bay.

Got ready this morning for a trip to Jeffreys Bay with Ryan. It didn’t really feel that cold so I wore a skirt and a t-shirt with boots and my lovely leather jacket. By the time we got there it started to rain a bit, and for some weird reason some of the shops decided it was a good idea to have their air con on making it colder (think freeze-box) inside than it was outside. After about 2 hours of shopping it started Raining. Heavy rain. Raining sideways with raindrops the size of marbles. Lovely, not so much. Luckily I bought a RVCA hoodie at the last place (the RVCA store) before we headed out into the rain and back into the car. So I just put it on like a second after it was paid for. RVCA by the way has the coolest stuff for guys – love them!

Didn’t really need the sunglasses…

Life by Sofie

Got most of the guys (Ryan & Robin’s) Indo trip shopping done which was great.

RVCA t-shirts

Three RVCA t-shirts. The grey one was actually for me but silly little me forgot to check the size before buying it haha. A medium is waaay too big, should have gotten a XS, so I gave it to Ryan. :(

Surf wax, sunscreen, ding repair kit (?) and a million (5) board socks.

RVCA shorts! Love them. For Ryan, not me. I got a pair of leather shorts :) love them even more.

Board short and rash vests (? correct me if I’m wrong – I’m not a surfer).

Two coffin bags so that they can pack 3 boards in each one.


Would have loved to stay and shop a bit longer but the weather just made it impossible. Most of the stuff there is really surf fashion and surf stuff but it’s not impossible find cute things anyway.

RVCA online – http://www.rvca.com/

RVCA in South Africa - http://rvcasa.com/

Three lifesaving products for damaged hair.

Wanted to share three awesome products for damaged hair that has seriously done miracles for my own hair.

The first one to the left is from nu-Hair Treatments and is called ‘Placenta with conditioning agents and biotin‘ . It is a alcohol fee leave in treatment. It seriously makes your hair feel thicker and fuller. You can get it at most of the CLICKS stores here in South Africa.

The second one is the one to the right in the photo, it is L’OREAL‘s KÉRASTASE Resistance Ciment Thermique Vita-ciment topseal. Another leave in treatment. It is a heat-activated  reconstructing milk for damaged, brittle hair. Not only does it give your hair that lovely fresh salon smell but it actually makes your hair dry faster than normally with a hair dryer. I got it at Dash Hair Salon but know they sell them at most salons.

The third one is the one in the middle of the photo, Kair’s extra strength Silicone Serum for dry & damaged hair. This product gives your hair that wonderful shine of a silicone serum and it contains a sunscreen to protect your hair from UV-Rays, all for a VERY reasonable price. Got mine at SPAR but you get them in most shops.

Trying to get my hair back to how it was before I started going wild and color it almost 20 times in one year has been a mission. I’ve tried hot oils, serums, shampoos, conditioners, salon treatments, everything. But the only thing that help in the end was a haircut and these products. Now it’s just keeping it up and letting my hair grow longer again.