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Unexpected shopping results..

The shopping trip to Greenacres ended like it usually does haha I came home with nothing of what I planned to buy. The reason for that is that Greeanacres doesn’t have any of the stuff I want and am looking for. But like most time I came home with a bunch of unplanned buys. Like small surprises to myself haha. I am in love with my new summer shoes from Woolworths, only reason I knew to buy them was because a friend has the same ones but with blue stripes. Also bought 2 pairs of shorts (my wardrobe was lacking in the shorts department) which I very happy about. Both pairs from Abercrombie & Fitch. My star scarf and aviator sunglasses I got at Jay Jay’s, and my chiffon-y type black see-through jacket was the biggest surprise of all considering how much I have been complaining Mr. Price and that’s exactly where I found it haha. I spotted a lot of nice shoes in there as well as workout clothes. Now what I still need is to find more tops. I can sit all day on Pinterest and Fancy and Tumblr and whatnot and think that I will be able to find all that stuff but the truth is that as long as I’m living in Port Elizabeth chances of me actually finding any of those things are very slim. I might have to start doing some online shopping again. Did a lot of that in Sweden ;)

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No makeup post

Today’s shopping was ok : ) got there in time to beat the cray cray lines! I’m not really a fan of Mr Price, especially not of their shop in Greenacres, cause they are always so disorganized and packed with people and only have like 2 peeps working. Not a very nice combo – I always feel like running away as soon as I step inside the door. Not saying all their shops are crap, it might be that the ones I’ve been to have been the worst ones. Anyway, I went in and grabbed the stuff, stood in line for 15 minutes, paid and left. But how cute are my new leopard shoes?? : )

I also got a new pair of workout pants from Nike that I love, some new underwear, fluffy slippers, workout t-shirt and a pair of basic black ballerinas. Decided to try a couple of new things as well – Garnier B.B. Cream Miracle Skin Perfector and L’Oréal Collagen Filler for fuller lips. Hard to see any real difference with collagen filler but the B.B. cream made my skin look amazing : )


I guess that’s also hard to see in the photo haha. And yes – I am wearing my new hoodie today again haha. No makeup photo – excuse the psycho look!  But seriously – try the B.B. cream I really recommend it.

Now it’s time to keep up with the Kardashians ; ) and wait for Ryan to get home. I’m gonna force him to do a face mask with me haha we need to look cute tomorrow – it’s our 4 year anniversary. I got a few surprises for him that I will share with you guys tomorrow. Later peeps!