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Madame Zingara

On sunday I went to Madame Zingara in Cape Town with Ryan,
Robin, Zané, Brett, Jamie and two other peeps to celebrate Brett’s
birthday. It was crazy cool! So weird and different. It felt like I
fell into the rabbit hole and found myself in wonderland. Sofie in
Wonderland. Yes. Haha. All the weird and wonderful acts bending
their bodies in all sorts of crazy ways. Everyone walking around
wearing masks and crazy hats and outfits. Even a mad-hatter like
guy walking around! I loved every second of it! :) 66863_10151574065397268_1922773146_n


Pretty cool!!


My vegetarian tofu dinner


Brett and Ryan


Brett, Jamie, Zané and


Our waitress and me


Madame Zingara!


The mad-hatter guy


Giant lollipops!


Amazingly bendy

My lovely and me

My lovely and me

Even the food cool haha

Even the food was cool



Last Homegrown – Cape Town 2012

Here is something that I completely forgot to blog about. Last year we (me, Ryan, Robin, Martin, Nikki, Preller and Sam) all drove down from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town to go to the last Homegrown party ever on nov 3rd. We only started driving at like 6pm so we got to Cape Town at about 4 in the morning haha. 2 cars 7 peeps. The next day we met up with Zané, Niki, Brett and Alisha to party. We went to the Last Homegrown ever and the next day we all drove back again. It’s about 8 hours one way to drive haha. So here are some photos and a video that my boyfriend and his brother made  from that party  - which was insane!! :)

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 2.55.53 PM

On our way to the Waterfront.

On our way to the Waterfront.

Lunch and drinks somewhere by the Waterfront.

Lunch and drinks somewhere by the Waterfront. I’m the BOSS haha.

In the taxi on our way to Signal Hill.

In the taxi on our way to Signal Hill.

Nikki and I in the taxi - I'm making a funny face :)

Nikki and I in the taxi – I’m making a funny face :)

Nikki, Ryan and I - in the taxi

Nikki, Ryan and I – in the taxi.

View from Signal Hill.

View from Signal Hill.

Cheers! Having a beer at Signal Hill.

Cheers! Having a beer at Signal Hill.

Me and my love.

Me and my love.

Me and Robin.

Me and Robin.

Martin and Nikki - so cute!

Martin and Nikki – so cute!

Me and Ryan being cute too haha!

Me and Ryan being cute too haha!

Sam and I posing.

Sam and I posing.

Pre-party at Zané's place before Homegrown.

Pre-party at Zané’s place before Homegrown.

My lovely and I.

My lovely and I.

Nikki and I.

Nikki and I.

Ryan, me, Sam and Preller.

Ryan, me, Sam and Preller.

Sam, Nikki, Alisha, Niki and me.

Sam, Nikki, Alisha, Niki and me.

Everybody :):)

Everybody :):)

December 2012 – random photos

So this post is a bit late… It’s now almost the end of January, but I still want to share some of my december 2012 adventures with you guys ;)

Like I told you in one of my previous posts (I think…) I spent december in Cape Town. My dad and his wife came down to visit for two weeks and we had a lovely but intense time haha. Trying to do as much as possible in two weeks and washing it down with drinks ;)


IMG_3021 IMG_3005




IMG_2935 IMG_2936



IMG_2945 IMG_2947


Wine tasting tour haha was supposed to visit 5 different wine farms but only did 2… Fairview and Spice Route. Loved it!

IMG_2998 IMG_2999 IMG_3001 IMG_3002IMG_2973


Will post more photos once my dad and his wife stop being too busy in Thailand to send them to me ;)

End of the world – not so much.

Obviously the world did not end today haha. Sorry peeps in bunkers all over the world that wasted your day. After going to Table Mountain I had a nice and chilled picnic lunch in the park with Ryan, my dad and Lena today. Baguettes, cheeses, potato salad, greek salad, crostinis and cashews = YUM. The weather was amazing, 36 degrees! We were supposed to go on a sunset cruise this evening but the weather changed into this:

So Ryan and I have been chilling at home instead. Tomorrow Zané and Robin are back in town and its party time again ; ) I’m excited! And just a few days til Christmas!!!

Table Mountain

My dad and his wife have been here since Monday and Ryan and I have been doing a whole bunch of stuff with them – been to the beach in Camps Bay, went for a drive and spotted a whale, had a LOT to eat and drink at different restaurants, went to the Waterfront and today we took a cable car up Table Mountain. So beautiful up there with the most amazing view.





Cape Town baby!!

Road tripping with Ryan : ) Port Elizabeth to Cape Town. 4 weeks holiday dolls – amazing!! Tomorrow my dad and his wife gets here and are gonna spend 2 weeks in CT with us before they leave for Thailand. Excited! First time they meet everyone ; )


Tuesday – Zané’s birthday!

Lovely day today :) Had lunch, nachos what else haha, and yummy drinks at the Fat Cactus with Zané and Olivia and am now getting ready for Bitch Bingo today to celebrate Zané’s birthday :) Got a super nice package from my dad and his wife back in Sweden full of clothes and licorice! Love it!! :):)




Cape Town – the first week

Hello again my lovelies! I have been very absent and non-blogging since we left Port Elizabeth. But for a very good reason – Beer. Haha :) It has been lots of fun this week, the last week before the Ryan and Robins surf trip to Indonesia. And after a heavy night last night I said good bye and off they went this morning. 32 days. Crazy! :)

We have been drinking beer every day this week because it was a holiday and all, also because every second word Robin said was ‘Beer’ haha. So now it’s time to calm down a bit, get back into healthier habits and explore this city! Not saying I won’t party, I just won’t party all the time, party all the time, party all the tiiiiiiiiime – like Eddie Murphy’s girl wants to. Haha lame I know but anyway….

Here are a few photos from yesterday’s drive with Ryan, Robin and their parents.

Ryan having lunch in Hout Bay (?)

Stopped for some ice-cream after lunch.

Checking for sharks!

Random Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Vitrines Louis Vuitton - Paris & Amsterdam, février 2012

Louis Vuitton Resort - Mykonos

Advertisement for Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

louis vuitton trunk

Louis Vuitton Resort - Mykonos

Louis Vuitton Resort - Mykonos

louis vuitton trunk 2



galgo para lv EN VENTA !
Louis Vuitton

I know I haven’t been blogging at all this week so I thought I would just post a little bit of random Louis Vuitton for you guys while I take a break from my computer ;) Ryan and Robin are leaving on saturday so tomorrow will be my last day to spend with them. I have been in Cape Town now since tuesday and I’m all settled in at ‘my place’ and loving it. Will blog more this weekend and share some photos of the place and stuff :)

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