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Early monday mornings…

I am so crazy tired this morning and had no desire to get out of bed at all. Buuut… I have an early appointment with home affairs. So now I’m having a cup of coffee while waiting for King Cab (they said 25-30 mins to get here…). As soon as I get back it’s breakfast and maybe I can squeeze in a nap before it’s time to go to Greenacres and sort some other stuff out. Photo on 2013-09-02 at 7.06 AM

Hate that it’s so freezing cold in the mornings!

Anyway! Hope everyone else is having a fab morning! :)


Photo on 2013-08-28 at 11.25 AM #3


Good Day peeps :) I was so busy yesterday it’s not even funny but lucky for me Ryan finished early from work and we got a lot done, just a couple more things and then on friday I’m handing in all my visa stuff at home affairs. Have to see a lawyer today and sort a document out. After that Ryan and I might go for lunch at Bridge Street Brewery, if he doesn’t have to get back to work again. I’m wearing my new necklace today – goes well with my crazyyyyyy pale skin haha. Need some serious sun tanning sessions soon. Can’t wait for summer!!!!

Ryan and I checked out a house yesterday that we both really liked, don’t wanna get my hopes up too much yet tho. Going to view it again next week and take my time – not rushing through it – also need to take photos (for me and for you haha). Was a bit awkward to view the place when the other people are still living there and the guy was watching TV while the girl was painting the bathroom walls haha, really didn’t fell like taking photos of them or the place while they were there. But now that I didn’t take any photos it’s hard to remember what the place really looked like. It was a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom place with garden, close enough to the shops that I can walk there. Pets are ALLOWED :):):):) but might only be small ones, will have to look that up. Anyway – will show you guys next week!

Now I have to get ready to leave! Ciao lovelies :)

Ego Pics – Me me me..!





Thursday – Outfit of the day

IMG_3057 Photo on 2013-01-24 at 9.19 AM Photo on 2013-01-24 at 9.19 AM #3


Today’s summer style outfit : ) Striped dress from H&M, Borrowed (my boyfriend’s) hat from Hurley, Sunglasses ? and shoes that you can’t see in these photos haha from Lacoste. You are actually lucky not to see them haha the are so worn it’s not even funny but the most comfortable pair of shoes I have. On my way to buy some more paint now so I can continue with my Picasso project. Going for a drink later with a friend who’s moving to Cape Town tomorrow, so will have to look for a going away present as well…tricky!

Beautiful beasts

Photo on 2012-12-12 at 5.44 PM


Looking like scary monsters… well at least I do haha. My face mask was cracking and itching and Ryan’s was just shiny… not fair. He was supposed to look like a monster with me! This is what he was supposed to look like:

Photo on 2012-12-12 at 6.09 PM

But even if he’s not blue he’s still making funny faces with me and adore that :)

Pamper afternoon with hair mask, face mask and painting my nails – lovely! Pre-spa-ing myself before I’m going to the spa on friday haha.


Outfit of the Day – Friday

Black shirt from JayJay’s, leopard print shorts from h&m, belt from Foschini, shoes from Louboutin, and the sunglasses from Spitfire.

The sunglasses are the only thing I got yesterday from shopping for 5 hours, well…I also got a Nike water bottle for when I’m working out.

Not sure if we are going to Jeffreys Bay today or at all this weekend but I’m hoping we will so that I can check the shopping there. Otherwise I’m more than happy to save my money for Cape Town. But the guys need to buy stuff for their Indo trip. Almost just a month left before they leave and I will have to rock Cape Town’s socks off on my own for a while. Exciting stuff!!! :)

A Good Morning Kiss :)

A Good Morning Kiss to the World :)

Woke up feeling surprisingly good this morning considering I had quite a few drinks last night. Not feeling hungover at all, and thats always a nice thing. Had a lovely time last night, went for dinner at ‘Ye Old Port Captains House’ with Ryan, Martin and Nikki. Had a super nice crumbed halumi salad with strawberry compote. I am cheese crazy. After dinner we went back to Bridge Street Brewery (had lunch there with Ryan) and met up with Matt for more drinks.

Sorry for herself, feeling stupid, feeling small…

I seriously do not get it. I’ve been studying and studying but I just don’t get it. And now I failed my big test :( not sure what happens next but I’ll get a second chance in 8 weeks time. 8 WEEKS! I need to figure things out fast. I have until the 16th to complete my first failed assignment and create a 3 page website. Hopefully if I get it right they’ll let me pass the course so that I start the next one…. I hate it so much when I don’t understand!!
Why is it so hard? Why did we only get 2 1/2 hours to finish the stupid thing. Not everyone works that fast. Just look at me. I’m sure I would have figured it out and completed the damn thing if they had given me a day or two. I’m so frustrated with myself I feel like crying. But I won’t. Instead I’m gonna read all the stuff again and get it right on my last two assignments! I wish someone could help me :(

New black UGG boots

I got my new black tall pair of UGGs today :) They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever had. And I know UGGs are a bit 2007 haha but I really don’t care. I like them :) And remember I have to keep my feet warm and dry here with all the snow everywhere. 

Watching ’300′ on Tv right now, love it, really cool movie. And Gerard Butler is one of my favorite actors. :)
I really feel like doing some yoga right now but it’s a bit late for that now. What I should do is sleep. Get my 8 hours, wake up, study, get my big test over with and then do yoga :)
These last 2 weeks have been hard, I deserve a drink this weekend :) and I actually think I’ll have time for one. I’m always super busy with everything and nothing. I need to get out of this house!!


my Starbucks darling.

One thing that did make me feel a tiny bit better this morning was finding my darling Starbucks mug!!! I’m not even going anywhere but I’m still drinking from it. I bought in Abu Dhabi ages ago but still love it. Now with my Starbucks darling in my hand I am going to study :) BIG test tomorrow!

Not easy being HOT…

Yes, I mean of course, why wouldn’t I get a fever today when I have so much stuff to do?!
Why do I always, ALWAYS, get sick when I get back to sweden?? I feel like I’m burning up right now and it hurts behind my eyes. Makes it real easy to focus on my studies….pause, black…NOT! Feeling sorry for myself right now. Gonna make myself some tea and just relax and rest on the couch all day.
Still need to study though. BOOOORING!

Buenas Noches!

Well it’s been a loooong day. Too much info to take in. At least I got to speak to my love tonight :) always makes me feel better.
Gonna finish watching Ed TV then throw myself into bed haha.
I don’t think my mind ever shuts off…I need to sleep! It’s weird how I just feel like I don’t have time to.

Bye bye to another day ♥

Night vision photo : )


New web design books :)

Got my 8 new web design books now :) So guess what I’ll be doing tonight haha STUDYING!
So sorry Janne that I can’t party tonight (becoming a doctor is serious work :P).

Thank you Erica for today and the ginger bread cookies :):)
Do you love my scarf?! South Africa :)


Village here we come! Photo Booth moment.

Got my friend Erica here to pick me up and take me into ‘town’. I need to pick up 8 books and do some shopping.
Not as cold today so no need to (find) wear my winter jacket :)

Ciao for now :)

Juicy pear tasting lazy friday

So, it’s friday evening and I’m sitting here watching Scrubs and daydreaming (evening-dreaming maybe?). Haven’t actually done anything at all today. I just made my friday a sunday. Way to go me! :)
You know how you some days wake up and realize that life’s too short to waste? This was not one of those days. Better luck tomorrow. I seriously need to start doing some exercising again, I’m just never tired enough to sleep and never awake enough to do anything constructive. Bad circle. I’m giving myself the weekend and then start on monday again. Hate the swedish weather, makes it impossible to take a walk outside. It’s too cold, and I can’t find my winter jacket haha. I packed it with the rest of my stuff when I moved and now I can’t find it. I guess it might be somewhere in the shed outside.

I’ve been drinking non-alcohol sugar-free pear drinks all week and I just cannot seem to get enough. I love it.
Need to wake up kind of early tomorrow cause I have to study all day. Learning how to design a website is so much hard work! Have a big test coming up on tuesday and need to spend the entire weekend (and monday) preparing for it.

Anyway I’m gonna watch a movie now and then go to bed. Missing my love like a crazy person right now.
Good night everyone!

Me wearing a Juicy Couture outfit

Outfit: Juicy Couture