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Chilling with my fluff monster in front on the laptop today. Feels so good to finally have chairs to sit on around the table!! Went almost 4 months without chairs haha. No real plans for the rest of the day. Yesterday we went to Emilio’s first puppy class and he was so scared and shaky it’s not even funny but he is ahead of the rest of the puppies in his class. He already knows most commands ❤️ Proud chi mami here haha.

Anyway I’m hoping my love will finish earlier today – then I’ll make some paella and maybe have a glass of wine.
It is Wednesday after all 😋
Hope you all are having a great day!

1940′s themed birthday party

Ryan and Robin turned 30 on the 26th of december and on the 28th they had their bday party :) It was a 1940′s allied forces themed party. Super cool and everyone made such an effort to dress up and looked awesome. Zané did an amazing job putting it all together! :)

The Victory roll required a bucket and a half of effort to get done but I finally got something that looked close to one ;)

Had to steal most of the photos from Ryan’s parents and Nikki cause I didn’t take any photos at the actual venue…



Handsome boyfriend of mine ;)

Nikki and I :)

Nikki and I :)



Zané and Robin :)

Zané and Robin :)

Ryan, me and Brett

Ryan, me and Brett

Robin and Ryan with their parents Wim and Doreen

Robin and Ryan with their parents Wim and Doreen

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.57.22 AM

Martin and Nikki

Martin and Nikki

All the party peeps ;)

All the party peeps ;)

Ryan and I :)

Ryan and I :)

Emilio 7 weeks old

Can’t wait to bring him home!!! He’s just the cutest little thing :):) He’s growing so quickly and by the time we pick him up he will have started losing his baby fur. Long haired chihuahuas are too cute!




I got older…

Yesterday was my 30th birthday!!! Madness. We celebrated it this past Saturday and I’m so thankful for my lovely friends who partied it up with me :)









Emilio Estevez – the Chihuahua

Sooooooooo happy to say that my birthday present this year will be the cutest little fluff monster ever – a little long coated chihuahua puppy that we are calling Emilio Estevez! He won’t be ready for my actual birthday but we will pick him up in the beginning of January when he is 12 weeks old. I’m so excited and have already started puppy prepping :)  Can’t wait to bring him home!

Emilio @ 4 weeks

Emilio @ 4 weeks



Another one turned down.

Went to view a 2 bedroom townhouse. Unfortunately it was very very tiny and they weren’t finished building the complex yet and the last thing we need is more construction noise in our lives  after having dealt with it for the like 3 years now!!

The place was really nice and modern and the price was ok. But because of the construction, the size and lack of alarm, properly fenced backyard (the neighbors can just walk into your backyard), dstv and telephone line we said no thank you. IMG_4833 IMG_4834 IMG_4835 IMG_4836 IMG_4837 IMG_4838 IMG_4839 IMG_4840 IMG_4841 IMG_4842 IMG_4843 IMG_4844 IMG_4845 IMG_4846 IMG_4847 IMG_4849

New glasses & OOTD

Just got back from Greenacres now – had to pick up my new eye glasses at Specsavers. They are actually mens glasses but I don’t really care, I like them. They only cool pair I could find! What do you guys think? I don’t have to wear them all the time but I’m trying to get used to them now. Will have to wear them while watching TV and driving. So lets hope I can get my drivers license soon haha ;)








As soon as I stepped outside I had to take my jacket off (YAY) because it’s a stunning day here in PE today :):)

Lovely Tuesday Morning

Goooooood morning Vietnaaaam! Haha ;) And every other country!

Been walking around in my new pink robe á la Victoria’s Secret :) Loving it! Ryan told me it was very  the’ bold and the beautiful’ hahah not cool.

Super bad photos haha and no make-up but what the he** ;) My robe is big slice of lovely!

Super bad photos haha morning hair and no make-up but what the he** ;) My robe is a big slice of lovely!

Anyway! Yesterday I went and sorted everything out with home affairs and it is now in their hands. Feels great to have my part over and done with. After home affairs I went to Greenacres and had breakfast at Wimpy‘s before the shops opened up. I then had my eyes checked and was told I have a stigmatism(?) and my one eye is way worse than the other. I really wasn’t expecting to have perfect vision anyway since both my parents wear glasses/contact lenses. I had to order glasses and will get them next week sometime. Will have to wear them while watching TV and driving and if I want to see things at a distance haha. I’m quite excited to get them!

The house I was gonna check out again today got snatched from us by another couple yesterday. Lets call it fate and say that we were obviously not supposed to live there anyway then ;) Cause I then found a place closer to the beach that looks amazeballs!!! Going to view it today at 2pm.

Early monday mornings…

I am so crazy tired this morning and had no desire to get out of bed at all. Buuut… I have an early appointment with home affairs. So now I’m having a cup of coffee while waiting for King Cab (they said 25-30 mins to get here…). As soon as I get back it’s breakfast and maybe I can squeeze in a nap before it’s time to go to Greenacres and sort some other stuff out. Photo on 2013-09-02 at 7.06 AM

Hate that it’s so freezing cold in the mornings!

Anyway! Hope everyone else is having a fab morning! :)


Photo on 2013-08-28 at 11.25 AM #3


Good Day peeps :) I was so busy yesterday it’s not even funny but lucky for me Ryan finished early from work and we got a lot done, just a couple more things and then on friday I’m handing in all my visa stuff at home affairs. Have to see a lawyer today and sort a document out. After that Ryan and I might go for lunch at Bridge Street Brewery, if he doesn’t have to get back to work again. I’m wearing my new necklace today – goes well with my crazyyyyyy pale skin haha. Need some serious sun tanning sessions soon. Can’t wait for summer!!!!

Ryan and I checked out a house yesterday that we both really liked, don’t wanna get my hopes up too much yet tho. Going to view it again next week and take my time – not rushing through it – also need to take photos (for me and for you haha). Was a bit awkward to view the place when the other people are still living there and the guy was watching TV while the girl was painting the bathroom walls haha, really didn’t fell like taking photos of them or the place while they were there. But now that I didn’t take any photos it’s hard to remember what the place really looked like. It was a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom place with garden, close enough to the shops that I can walk there. Pets are ALLOWED :):):):) but might only be small ones, will have to look that up. Anyway – will show you guys next week!

Now I have to get ready to leave! Ciao lovelies :)

What kind of puppy to get…



Miniature Pinscher VS Long coat Chihuahua

Since it’s so hard to find a place to live that accepts a large dog Ryan and I might just have to get a small one. I’m not sure which one tho (and still have time to figure it out haha) but either a mini pinscher or long coat chihuahua. I must say I’m leaning towards the chihuahua ♥ But both are insanely cute. Which one do you think we should get?

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A Michael Jackson morning to you all!

Love Michael, always have, always will – and you should too!
Perfect way to wake myself up, a bit of music, a bit of breakfast and whole lot of coffee ;) Today will be a busy day so might as well get a good start. A million things to do!


New necklace and hair cuff :)

IMG_4583 IMG_4585Untitled..

Hey everyone :) Monday again – even though I don’t exactly work mondays are still kinda boring. Even the weather is boring today. So to cheer myself up I stopped by Woolworths and bought myself a new necklace and a hair cuff. I love the hair cuff – it’s rose gold (obviously not real gold haha) and matches my MK watch ;) Also got a whole bunch of fruits and healthy stuff. Been craving fruit and chocolates lately. Feels like I eat chocolate every day haha and I pretty much do. Dark 75% Lindt is my favorite.. and the mint crisp one. Got a few other things as well like a new mascara, lipgloss, and nail polish – nothing too exciting tho. Now I’m just ‘keeping up with the Kardashians‘ and keeping on looking for a place to live. Relaxing today – have a million things to do tomorrow before it’s time to go back to home affairs and hand in my visa papers. Can’t wait to get it over with! It’s always a mission.
Another cool thing is that my ‘brother’ Christian and his sister (very complicated family haha) might be coming to South Africa next month! Yay :) Nothing booked yet or anything but I’m hoping they will come down to visit.

Apartment hunting in Port Elizabeth

So, yesterday I went to view 4 different (or not so different) apartments. No real luck in finding a place to stay though. The first 3 ones were nice and all but way too small. The 4th one was nice size-wise but the building was too prison like and old. All 4 close to the beach but that didn’t really make a difference.

Going to check another apartment out today at Kings Court. Looks kind of small in the photos but the price is good and it’s close to shops and stuff so I can walk around the area… but no pets allowed…

The first 3 apartments I viewed yesterday were all at Amadada Leisure Village – a very nice eco-friendly place that makes you feel like you are in a completely different place, like out in the middle of the bushes somewhere in a resort like place. Very strange. You forget that the beach is just down the road.

Pool area outside

Pool area outside

IMG_4500 IMG_4499 IMG_4498 IMG_4497

Little cove type deal

Little cove type deal

Waterfall by the pool

Waterfall by the pool

Entrance to Amadada Leisure Lodge

Entrance to Amadada Leisure Village


Here is the first apartment I viewed:

Really pretty en-suite bathroom..but I'm not loving that it IN the bedroom... No privacy at all - Freaky! Why is this a trend??

Really pretty en-suite bathroom..but I’m not loving that it is IN the bedroom… No privacy at all – Freaky! Why is this a trend??

Nice mirrored closet

Nice mirrored closet

The view... No cool that they are still building outside, don't wanna deal with all the noise.

The view… Not cool that they are still building outside, don’t wanna deal with all the noise.

The bathroom gain

The bathroom again

Second bathroom with shower.

Second bathroom with shower.

Second bedroom with a horrible green wall.

Second bedroom with a horrible green wall.

Tiny bedroom.

Tiny bedroom.

Nice kitchen...

Nice kitchen…

The patio.

The patio.

So not only is the whole bathroom inside the bedroom a trend but apparently it’s also cool nowadays to combine the kitchen and the living room… So not cool.

Here is the second apartment I viewed – pretty much the same deal as the first one but with nicer ceilings.

Same mirrored closet as the first apartment.

Same mirrored closet as the first apartment.

IMG_4494 IMG_4493 IMG_4492 IMG_4491

No balcony here.

No balcony here.


Nicer kitchen.

Nicer kitchen.

Second bedroom - nicer color than the first apartment.

Second bedroom – nicer color than the first apartment.

The view from the master bedroom.

The view from the master bedroom.


Main bedroom wall

Main bedroom wall

Again with the en-suite inside the bedroom..

Again with the en-suite inside the bedroom..

Nicer ceilings with beams

Nicer ceilings with beams.

The third apartment was the same deal – not a lot of space there neither.

Nice little braai area on the balcony. And - it has a balcony.

Nice little braai area on the balcony. And – it has a balcony.

Kitchen/living room.

Kitchen/living room.

Beams. :)

Beams. :)


Watch your tv and your fridge at the same time...

Watch your tv and your fridge at the same time…

Bathroom with a tiny tub.

Bathroom with a tiny tub.

Second bedroom

Second bedroom


Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom without a door.

Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom without a door.

IMG_4511 IMG_4512 IMG_4513 IMG_4514 IMG_4515 IMG_4516After viewing the Amadada ones I took a stroll down to the beachfront and bought myself an ice cream and then had a cup of coffee at the Humewood hotel. A half dodgy hotel but it was nice to just chill in the sun before my next viewing that was just down the road.

IMG_4517 IMG_4518 IMG_4519

Freezing winds so I'm hiding in my scarf ;)

Freezing winds so I’m hiding in my scarf ;)


The last place I looked at was in The Beaches in Humewood. Old looking building with heavy security.

Old style haha

Old style haha

Wooden floors

Wooden floors



IMG_4526 IMG_4527



Second bedroom

Second bedroom

Third bedroom

Third bedroom


Dining area

Dining area

Kitchen - The nice thing about this apartment!

Kitchen – The nice thing about this apartment!

Living room

Living room


A nice prison feel to it don't you think?

A nice prison feel to it don’t you think?

Time to move on


So we just found out that ‘they’ sold the apartment we are living in and now we have 3 months to find a new place. I’ve been looking for a nice place that allows pets as I really wanna get a dog(!) but it seems impossible to find unless you wanna buy a place…and we don’t. Not a lot of pet friendly places here in Port Elizabeth so the puppy might have to wait a few years 😪 However I am going to look at a place later today thats not pet friendly but looks amazing online so I’m hoping it is as amazing as it seems haha. Wish me luck! :)

Saturday update


Today seems to be a cold one but Ryan and I are heading over to Martin and Nikkis house later to watch the rugby and catch up. Feel like I haven’t seen them in a long time now! Might even go out tonight – will have to see how the night goes ;)

This week I’ve been busy trying to sort out a whole bunch of visa stuff – a mission and a half but I’m slowly getting there, just a few more documents to get sorted out.
Anyway, now it’s time for breakfast and then a quick workout :)

Hope everyone will have a lovely saturday!

Metallica in April

Just a quick post to share some old photos from the Metallica concert my friends and I went to in April this year. A bit late i know haha. The concert was amazing and we had a great time :) Metallica ROCKED! The whole weekend there was really cool.


Me, Ryan and Martin – getting ready to rock haha









Martin, Nikki, me and Ryan


Insane line to get in!


Me and Ryan



Nikki and I having a great time




Drinks before the concert started – very niiiiiice haha


Ryan, Zané and Martin rocking


Zané and her friend (can’t remember her name..)


Wednesday – hump day

Had a really great time last night meeting up with an old friend for drinks at Salt in Stanley Street. I rarely drink anything other than beer or wine but last night I had a jar of goodness haha tequila and orange juice and stuff pretty yum! Only had 1,5 jars but could def feel it this morning when I woke up.

Time to get ready and rock this day! Hope you all have a lovely one :)❤


Madame Zingara

On sunday I went to Madame Zingara in Cape Town with Ryan,
Robin, Zané, Brett, Jamie and two other peeps to celebrate Brett’s
birthday. It was crazy cool! So weird and different. It felt like I
fell into the rabbit hole and found myself in wonderland. Sofie in
Wonderland. Yes. Haha. All the weird and wonderful acts bending
their bodies in all sorts of crazy ways. Everyone walking around
wearing masks and crazy hats and outfits. Even a mad-hatter like
guy walking around! I loved every second of it! :) 66863_10151574065397268_1922773146_n


Pretty cool!!


My vegetarian tofu dinner


Brett and Ryan


Brett, Jamie, Zané and


Our waitress and me


Madame Zingara!


The mad-hatter guy


Giant lollipops!


Amazingly bendy

My lovely and me

My lovely and me

Even the food cool haha

Even the food was cool



More photos from Mossel Bay

Some more photos from the weekend in Mossel Bay :) Stolen from friends.









Nikki and me

Nikki and me



The view

The view


Nikki, Zané and Niki

Nikki, Zané and Niki

Is that not how to use a braai..?

Is that not how to use a braai..?

Niki chilling

Niki chilling

Party around the fire :)

Party around the fire :)

Playing beer games outside

Playing beer games outside

Me haha

Me haha




Party in sweatpants haha

Party in sweatpants haha

Nikki and Mignon

Nikki and Mignon

Robin and Zané

Robin and Zané





Weekend in Mossel Bay

Had an awesome long weekend in Mossel Bay :) On Thursday it was just me, Nikki, Zané and Niki staying at the River Shack. We had drinks played games, went to the beach, got creeped out by spiders and had fun.







On Friday morning after a 3 hour sleep me, Nikki and Zané went on a 3 hour horse riding excursion thingy. It was awesome to gallop in the sand dunes :) Unfortunately we had no place to put our phones so we couldn’t take any photos. Actually most of the weekend I didn’t have any batteries on my phone do I didn’t take a lot of photos at all. But lucky the other peeps did so I will steal photos from them later to post on my blog! After the horse riding we started prepping for the rest of the guys to arrive so we prepared the food for the braai and had a few drinks. When they all arrived we partied by the fire and had fun. The next day we drove to had lunch at some place packed with bikers and then partied again but had an early night.

20130326-115626.jpgSunday we drove back to PE and crashed in front on the tv at home. The weekend was really heavy on my body and I have been feeling sick since yesterday :( But no time to chill haha tomorrow we are driving down to Cape Town for another long weekend packed with fun :)





Life got in the way.

Hello everyone! :) I know I haven’t been blogging in a while but to be honest I have dealt with a lot life lately. Big decisions and planning, preparing, thinking… I’m pretty sure all know how it feels. You have a bit too much to think about to be able to just sit down and blog and focus your mind on what’s going right now. Mentally being in the future or far away in dreamland. Will try to shape up a bit and blog more! :)

Tsitsikamma Part 4.

On sunday we woke up and had a lovely breakfast at the Trogon House, then we drove to Keurbooms river where we rented a boat. We didn’t swim as we planned on doing cause you couldn’t see what was in the water it was so dark haha. Too freaked out about water snakes and stuff. All the way up the river we decided to stop for a bit then struggled like crazy to get boat started again. Half way back we ran out of gas haha but luckily we had some more in the boat. It  was really a nice boat ride and day on the river.

Yummy healthy breakfast at the Trogon House and Forest Spa.

Yummy healthy breakfast at the Trogon House and Forest Spa.

At the river.

At the river.



Captain Martin haha :)

Captain Martin haha :)

I'm the king of the world on a boat like Leo..!

I’m the king of the world on a boat like Leo..!




After the boating we were on our way back home to P.E. again. We just needed to stop at Plett Puzzle Park first to run around in a 3D Maze for an hour and a half haha. It was crazy intense – guys vs. girls. Girls won :) of course! The guys cheated and kept using the emergency exits. Very uncool. But we still won so Nikki and I rock! :)



Last stop of the day was at Matt’s house to celebrate Matt and Mignon’s engagement :) But I didn’t take any photos of that … :(

Tsitsikamma Part 3.

After the zip-lining, the Big Tree and Marilyn’s Diner we drove to the Bed & Breakfast lodge we were staying at called the Trogon House and Forest Spa. A B&B/hotel smack in the middle of the forest with all the trees :) It was so crazy nice! Right next to it is a bird sanctuary and Monkeyland. And we got to see a lot of wildlife there! In our bedroom we found the biggest spider I have ever seen! It really wasn’t easy for Ryan to try and catch him when there was a wasp flying around in the room at the same time..! Later I found a bird that flew into a window ad broke it’s wing. Really sad but lucky for him/her that there is a bird sanctuary close. We also saw turtles, horses,  different types of monkeys and a lemur. One of the monkeys tried to steal my iPhone!! I was just lucky to be a one centimeter to far away from him haha.


The little bird I found with the broken wing.

IMG_3693 IMG_3760 IMG_3694 IMG_3743 IMG_3747 IMG_3746 IMG_3748 IMG_3774 IMG_3744 IMG_3770 IMG_3742

About 1 second before the monkey tries to steal my phone! It was really close - he touched my hand haha.

About 1 second before the monkey tried to steal my phone! It was really close – he touched my hand haha.

IMG_3761 IMG_3765 IMG_3766

Picnic dinner and drinks outside by the pool :)

Picnic dinner and drinks outside by the pool :)


Tsitsikamma part 2.

The second stop we did (you can check the first one here) was at the Tsitsikamma Big Tree. The tree is 1000 years old and huge! We checked it out and went for a walk in the woods.

Me standing in front the the Big Tree.

Me standing in front the the Big Tree.

me and my love :)

me and my love :)

Ryan slipping on the 'Slippery Boardwalk' sign ;)

Ryan slipping on the ‘Slippery Boardwalk’ sign ;)

Martin, Nikki and Ryan standing in front of the big tree.

Martin, Nikki and Ryan standing in front of the big tree.

IMG_3656IMG_3636After checking out the Big Tree we drove to Storms River Village to have lunch at Marilyn’s 60′s American Diner. It was an experience! Not sure my my lunch was very ‘american diner-y’ haha but it was nice – calamari and chili cheese fries.

That's how they roll at the American diner ;)

That’s how they roll at the American diner ;)



Tsitsikamma part 1.

This past weekend was amazing! :) Went with Ryan, Nikki and Martin to Tsitsikamma and did a million things haha. The first stop was at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure where we did a bit of Zip-lining!!! :) Daredevils, I know! I’m so scared of heights it’s not even funny.


Road-tripping :)

Road-tripping :)

All geared up and ready to go.

All geared up and ready to go.

Nikki zip-lining.

Nikki zip-lining.


Ryan zip-lining.

Martin, me, Ryan and Nikki :)

Martin, me, Ryan and Nikki :)

Beautiful landing haha. Double-zipping on the line ;)

Beautiful landing haha. Double-zipping on the line ;)

Glove being eating by the line.

Glove being eaten by the line.

Martin and Nikki double-zipping :)

Martin and Nikki double-zipping :)



A map of all the zip-lining we did :) cray cray!

A map of all the zip-lining we did :) cray cray!

Les Misérable makes you miserable.

On Sunday Nikki and I went to the movies at Walmer Park.

We got popcorn, chocolates and drinks and were all smiley and happy
and excited as we sat down to watch Les Misérable. Walking out
after the movie both of us were almost crying. We both did our best
not to cry during the movie but it was hard. Les Misérable
really did make us miserable. Feeling empty and without a cause,
questioning the meaning of life, trying to find a purpose. But wow
what a movie. It has been a looooong time since a movie made me
feel as much as this one did. Def one of the best movies I’ve seen.
I think I need to buy it…so I can watch it alone in the dark and
cry. The movie deserves that. Deserves my tears. Everyone’s acting
was amazing. Anne Hathaway
blew me away (that’s a funny sentence haha) with her performance.
The biggest surprise to me was Jackman” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”rottentomatoes”>Hugh Jackman. He
was amazing. That’s all I can say, amazing!


When we got back to Martin and Nikki’s house we were greeted by reality and had to try escape the feeling of emptiness the movie left in us. A glass of wine and a bit of braaing helped. :) Oh and what also helped a bit was checking out Eddie Redmayne photos on Google haha we both have a little crush on him.
Sorry Ryan and Martin ;) We still love you the most!






Fridaaaaay ♥

Hey guys :) Hope your week has been good so far and that
you will have an amazing weekend! I’ve had the nicest morning. Woke
up, had breakfast, watched a bit of KUWTK and chilled. After that I
did a 1 hour workout, my new fav is Blogilates. Then I took a long
bath with Epsom salt, a hair treatment and face mask while
listening to music. Afterwards I spent about 2 hours trying on
clothes haha (I do that most days anyway..) then I had lunch and
now it’s time for a french mani/pedi :) Going over to Martin and
Nikki’s house later to watch the rugby and then see what happens


Last Homegrown – Cape Town 2012

Here is something that I completely forgot to blog about. Last year we (me, Ryan, Robin, Martin, Nikki, Preller and Sam) all drove down from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town to go to the last Homegrown party ever on nov 3rd. We only started driving at like 6pm so we got to Cape Town at about 4 in the morning haha. 2 cars 7 peeps. The next day we met up with Zané, Niki, Brett and Alisha to party. We went to the Last Homegrown ever and the next day we all drove back again. It’s about 8 hours one way to drive haha. So here are some photos and a video that my boyfriend and his brother made  from that party  - which was insane!! :)

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 2.55.53 PM

On our way to the Waterfront.

On our way to the Waterfront.

Lunch and drinks somewhere by the Waterfront.

Lunch and drinks somewhere by the Waterfront. I’m the BOSS haha.

In the taxi on our way to Signal Hill.

In the taxi on our way to Signal Hill.

Nikki and I in the taxi - I'm making a funny face :)

Nikki and I in the taxi – I’m making a funny face :)

Nikki, Ryan and I - in the taxi

Nikki, Ryan and I – in the taxi.

View from Signal Hill.

View from Signal Hill.

Cheers! Having a beer at Signal Hill.

Cheers! Having a beer at Signal Hill.

Me and my love.

Me and my love.

Me and Robin.

Me and Robin.

Martin and Nikki - so cute!

Martin and Nikki – so cute!

Me and Ryan being cute too haha!

Me and Ryan being cute too haha!

Sam and I posing.

Sam and I posing.

Pre-party at Zané's place before Homegrown.

Pre-party at Zané’s place before Homegrown.

My lovely and I.

My lovely and I.

Nikki and I.

Nikki and I.

Ryan, me, Sam and Preller.

Ryan, me, Sam and Preller.

Sam, Nikki, Alisha, Niki and me.

Sam, Nikki, Alisha, Niki and me.

Everybody :):)

Everybody :):)

Early shopping and brunch.

Went shopping this morning with Ryan and Robin. We stood outside Moffet on Main before they even opened. The plan was to get a new coffee table. That plan failed. Big time. We went to like a million (yes I am exaggerating there aren’t that many places here in Port Elizabeth) furniture shops but found nothing. Moffet on Main, Walmer Park, some other shopping area and Greenacres. Like I said, huge fail. They don’t have anything, at all. Anyway, we had lunch at Kauai at Walmer Park. That’s always nice. Love the fresh and healthy food there. I had a vegetarian Mexican burrito – very yum! :)
Now we are just waiting for the rest of the peeps to show up so we can start partying ;)


Excuse the aggressive look haha. Early morning and sun in my eyes ;) Wearing top from YDE, Shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch, belt from Foschini, shoes from Mr.P, Watch from Michael Kors, Sunglasses from Jay Jays, bag from Louis Vuitton.20130216-132424.jpg







Valentines Dinner

Last night was super nice. Had a valentines dinner at home with Ryan and Robin. Nothing fancy just spaghetti and soya mince with tomatoes, onion, chili, corn, sundried tomatoes, peanuts and black pepper feta cheese. Enjoyed two bottles of red wine, no tv, background music and a whole lot of conversation. For dessert we had a little box of Ferrero Roscher and I made heart shaped watermelon bites that were all eaten up so fast that I didn’t get to take a photo of them haha :)
Got Ryan a ‘Love’ pillow and a heart shaped box of Lindt Lindor chocolate.







A big Valentines Kiss to you!

Happy Valentines Day to all of you my lovely readers! Hope you have a really romantic one ;)


Wednesday dog loving ♥

IMG_3480Today I’m chilling with Smigies, Mignon’s little dog. He’s an american spaniel if I remember correctly. Matt dropped him off yesterday and we have been for walks and been playing fetch and snuggling. It’s been so nice :) Love dogs! Just wish I had one… a Doberman… I’ve mentioned it before… like a million times to my boyfriend… once to you guys. But like I said then the timing isn’t right, it sux!!! But at least I’ve had the pleasure of taking care of this little cutie for 2 days :)

IMG_3471 IMG_3479

Photo-shoot with Nikki.

I told you guys that I had something to do nine days ago that I couldn’t tell you about just then… remember? You can check the post here.

Anyway, that sunday I had a photo-shoot with my gorgeous friend Nikki. It was so much fun! We were in our ‘home studio’ fixing with makeup, hair and outfits. Drinking champagne and laughing, trying not to die from the heat! Have to do it again soon ;)
So here are the results with me behind the camera and Nikki in front of it, please tell me what you think! I absolutely love the photos, she is so stunning it’s not even funny!













The Greek restaurant that we went to last night is called Mykonos. I’ve been there once before and the peeps there are super sweet. I just couldn’t remember the name haha. It was me, Ryan, Robin, Nikki, Martin, Mignon and her friend Wesley.




Had a yummy halumi cheese and mushroom type thing to eat. Everyone had a Greek shot except for me, I cannot handle shots at all. No one liked it anyway haha. After Mykonos we went to Pool City and had a couple of drinks before we went home.




Ryan and I slept over at Martin and Nikki’s house so this morning we did a bit of a ‘walk of shame’ at the beach ;)



The weather has been amazing all day and the water was so warm (about 27 degrees) so after a shower Martin, Nikki, Ryan and I spent the whole day at the beach – we have sunburns to prove it ;) It was an awesome day! I love swimming! Tonight will be a chilled one with movies and snacks at Martin and Nikki’s house. Hope you all are having a great weekend :)

Dinner at the Greek place.

So I went to the doctor here in Port Elizabeth today and they took some tests so I will know by next what’s going on. Hate it when they have to take blood haha I always end up being so pale that they ask me if I need to lie down for a bit! Anyway, I’m going for dinner and drinks now at the Greek place (can’t remember the name haha) with Ryan, Robin, Nikki, Martin and Mignon. Will be lovely – just hope I don’t get food poisoning this time! ;) I’m just looking forward to a nice and chilled night tonight. I’m wearing my new jacket paired with an old dress. All black and gold today.




What I’m wearing: Jacket from Mr.P / Don’t know about the dress…/ Shoes from Foschini / Earrings from Mr.P / Watch from Michael Kors / Bag (my lovely bag) from Chanel / Sunglasses from Jay Jay’s.

Being weird is not always awesome.



I have been ignoring my blog today. Actually I have been ignoring life in general today. What I have been doing is reading, and sleeping. I’m loving the book even though it’s like 30 years old haha. It’s called ‘The Chamber’ by John Grisham and I’m down to the last 33 pages! So exciting!! For me, obviously not for you hehe. Been feeling like I look in the photo – weird and tired. So tomorrow I’m gonna book an appointment with a doctor. See what happens. Adios for now amigos! Time to eat, read and sleep.

Tuesday thoughts.



I am sitting here wondering why (oh why) I am so insanely tired. Not just tired like normal tired. Crazy tired, exhausted, weak, cannot move tired. My head is a blur, I’ve got a constant headache (the constant drilling and banging in the building might have something to do with that) my left hand is tingling and I’m soooo thirsty. I had planned a shopping trip to Greenacres today but since I didn’t have any cash for the taxi and no energy I decided that tomorrow is a better Idea for that. It is half past twelve and I’m still walking around in my pajamas. Walking around is a bit of a lie, more like lying on the couch haha. Anyone else feel this way? It’s not like I actually have a reason to be this tired. I don’t really have a job or anything else super demanding. I’m more of a house-girlfriend hehe meaning I cook and clean and organize and stuff. Anyway, that’s enough complaining for now, I’m getting even more tired just reading about me being tired haha. It’s a stunning day outside today so I’m gonna force myself to go for a power walk as soon as it cools down  bit.

February Christmas Presents

This afternoon a package arrived for me from my mom. All the way from Sweden to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Only takes about 1 1/2 months haha. Good thing she didn’t send me cheese! Instead I got a package of hand made things. Hand made as in made by my mom! :)

I got this lovely blanket – at the moment its lying on my bed as a throw or whatever it’s called.





Second thing I got was this hood-thingy. And as you can see my mom made it my fashion ;) Fashion by Sofie. How sweet!

Untitled 2


The third thing my mom made are these wrist warmers, not sure if that’s what they are actually called but I’m calling them that from now on haha. They are mine so I can call them whatever I want. I could call them Bernardies if wanted to, but I don’t, so I won’t, As you can see my little logo is on them too. Fashion by Sofie. I like it. Having my own logo. Also the wrist warmers are insanely fluffy and soft. Will be nice when it’s winter (a months from now).


The final thing in my package was this….troll? Yes, a troll. Wearing earrings that I will steal from him. Not sure if my mom made the earrings as well, she said it was all hand made so I’m guessing she did. Did you?
Thank you so much for the presents mom!

Weekend baby!


Hey lovelies :) Wishing everyone an amazing weekend. I have plans for sunday that I won’t be able to tell you about just yet but I’m very very excited about it! Will hopefully tell you about it next week  ;) I think this weekend is going to be a chilled one. I am jealous of Robin and Zané who are going to see Red Hot Chili Peppers in Cape Town..! If I’m lucky then my lovely boyfriend will take me long boarding tomorrow, and maybe a quick shopping trip to Greenacres. Right now I would give my Kingdom for a horse nachos and a glass of red wine!