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Wednesday – hump day

Had a really great time last night meeting up with an old friend for drinks at Salt in Stanley Street. I rarely drink anything other than beer or wine but last night I had a jar of goodness haha tequila and orange juice and stuff pretty yum! Only had 1,5 jars but could def feel it this morning when I woke up.

Time to get ready and rock this day! Hope you all have a lovely one :)❤


Weekend in Mossel Bay

Had an awesome long weekend in Mossel Bay :) On Thursday it was just me, Nikki, Zané and Niki staying at the River Shack. We had drinks played games, went to the beach, got creeped out by spiders and had fun.







On Friday morning after a 3 hour sleep me, Nikki and Zané went on a 3 hour horse riding excursion thingy. It was awesome to gallop in the sand dunes :) Unfortunately we had no place to put our phones so we couldn’t take any photos. Actually most of the weekend I didn’t have any batteries on my phone do I didn’t take a lot of photos at all. But lucky the other peeps did so I will steal photos from them later to post on my blog! After the horse riding we started prepping for the rest of the guys to arrive so we prepared the food for the braai and had a few drinks. When they all arrived we partied by the fire and had fun. The next day we drove to had lunch at some place packed with bikers and then partied again but had an early night.

20130326-115626.jpgSunday we drove back to PE and crashed in front on the tv at home. The weekend was really heavy on my body and I have been feeling sick since yesterday :( But no time to chill haha tomorrow we are driving down to Cape Town for another long weekend packed with fun :)





Tsitsikamma Part 4.

On sunday we woke up and had a lovely breakfast at the Trogon House, then we drove to Keurbooms river where we rented a boat. We didn’t swim as we planned on doing cause you couldn’t see what was in the water it was so dark haha. Too freaked out about water snakes and stuff. All the way up the river we decided to stop for a bit then struggled like crazy to get boat started again. Half way back we ran out of gas haha but luckily we had some more in the boat. It  was really a nice boat ride and day on the river.

Yummy healthy breakfast at the Trogon House and Forest Spa.

Yummy healthy breakfast at the Trogon House and Forest Spa.

At the river.

At the river.



Captain Martin haha :)

Captain Martin haha :)

I'm the king of the world on a boat like Leo..!

I’m the king of the world on a boat like Leo..!




After the boating we were on our way back home to P.E. again. We just needed to stop at Plett Puzzle Park first to run around in a 3D Maze for an hour and a half haha. It was crazy intense – guys vs. girls. Girls won :) of course! The guys cheated and kept using the emergency exits. Very uncool. But we still won so Nikki and I rock! :)



Last stop of the day was at Matt’s house to celebrate Matt and Mignon’s engagement :) But I didn’t take any photos of that … :(

Tsitsikamma Part 3.

After the zip-lining, the Big Tree and Marilyn’s Diner we drove to the Bed & Breakfast lodge we were staying at called the Trogon House and Forest Spa. A B&B/hotel smack in the middle of the forest with all the trees :) It was so crazy nice! Right next to it is a bird sanctuary and Monkeyland. And we got to see a lot of wildlife there! In our bedroom we found the biggest spider I have ever seen! It really wasn’t easy for Ryan to try and catch him when there was a wasp flying around in the room at the same time..! Later I found a bird that flew into a window ad broke it’s wing. Really sad but lucky for him/her that there is a bird sanctuary close. We also saw turtles, horses,  different types of monkeys and a lemur. One of the monkeys tried to steal my iPhone!! I was just lucky to be a one centimeter to far away from him haha.


The little bird I found with the broken wing.

IMG_3693 IMG_3760 IMG_3694 IMG_3743 IMG_3747 IMG_3746 IMG_3748 IMG_3774 IMG_3744 IMG_3770 IMG_3742

About 1 second before the monkey tries to steal my phone! It was really close - he touched my hand haha.

About 1 second before the monkey tried to steal my phone! It was really close – he touched my hand haha.

IMG_3761 IMG_3765 IMG_3766

Picnic dinner and drinks outside by the pool :)

Picnic dinner and drinks outside by the pool :)


Tsitsikamma part 2.

The second stop we did (you can check the first one here) was at the Tsitsikamma Big Tree. The tree is 1000 years old and huge! We checked it out and went for a walk in the woods.

Me standing in front the the Big Tree.

Me standing in front the the Big Tree.

me and my love :)

me and my love :)

Ryan slipping on the 'Slippery Boardwalk' sign ;)

Ryan slipping on the ‘Slippery Boardwalk’ sign ;)

Martin, Nikki and Ryan standing in front of the big tree.

Martin, Nikki and Ryan standing in front of the big tree.

IMG_3656IMG_3636After checking out the Big Tree we drove to Storms River Village to have lunch at Marilyn’s 60′s American Diner. It was an experience! Not sure my my lunch was very ‘american diner-y’ haha but it was nice – calamari and chili cheese fries.

That's how they roll at the American diner ;)

That’s how they roll at the American diner ;)



Tsitsikamma part 1.

This past weekend was amazing! :) Went with Ryan, Nikki and Martin to Tsitsikamma and did a million things haha. The first stop was at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure where we did a bit of Zip-lining!!! :) Daredevils, I know! I’m so scared of heights it’s not even funny.


Road-tripping :)

Road-tripping :)

All geared up and ready to go.

All geared up and ready to go.

Nikki zip-lining.

Nikki zip-lining.


Ryan zip-lining.

Martin, me, Ryan and Nikki :)

Martin, me, Ryan and Nikki :)

Beautiful landing haha. Double-zipping on the line ;)

Beautiful landing haha. Double-zipping on the line ;)

Glove being eating by the line.

Glove being eaten by the line.

Martin and Nikki double-zipping :)

Martin and Nikki double-zipping :)



A map of all the zip-lining we did :) cray cray!

A map of all the zip-lining we did :) cray cray!

Last Homegrown – Cape Town 2012

Here is something that I completely forgot to blog about. Last year we (me, Ryan, Robin, Martin, Nikki, Preller and Sam) all drove down from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town to go to the last Homegrown party ever on nov 3rd. We only started driving at like 6pm so we got to Cape Town at about 4 in the morning haha. 2 cars 7 peeps. The next day we met up with Zané, Niki, Brett and Alisha to party. We went to the Last Homegrown ever and the next day we all drove back again. It’s about 8 hours one way to drive haha. So here are some photos and a video that my boyfriend and his brother made  from that party  - which was insane!! :)

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 2.55.53 PM

On our way to the Waterfront.

On our way to the Waterfront.

Lunch and drinks somewhere by the Waterfront.

Lunch and drinks somewhere by the Waterfront. I’m the BOSS haha.

In the taxi on our way to Signal Hill.

In the taxi on our way to Signal Hill.

Nikki and I in the taxi - I'm making a funny face :)

Nikki and I in the taxi – I’m making a funny face :)

Nikki, Ryan and I - in the taxi

Nikki, Ryan and I – in the taxi.

View from Signal Hill.

View from Signal Hill.

Cheers! Having a beer at Signal Hill.

Cheers! Having a beer at Signal Hill.

Me and my love.

Me and my love.

Me and Robin.

Me and Robin.

Martin and Nikki - so cute!

Martin and Nikki – so cute!

Me and Ryan being cute too haha!

Me and Ryan being cute too haha!

Sam and I posing.

Sam and I posing.

Pre-party at Zané's place before Homegrown.

Pre-party at Zané’s place before Homegrown.

My lovely and I.

My lovely and I.

Nikki and I.

Nikki and I.

Ryan, me, Sam and Preller.

Ryan, me, Sam and Preller.

Sam, Nikki, Alisha, Niki and me.

Sam, Nikki, Alisha, Niki and me.

Everybody :):)

Everybody :):)

Doberman why are you not in my life?

Puppies 2010 023

How I wish I had a Doberman!!!!!! I desperately want a little puppy :( Timing isn’t good right now though and that sux – seriously! I’ve been wanting to get a Doberman for like 2 years now. I had a dog a few years ago but because of a LOT of traveling and stuff I just couldn’t keep her. But I really miss having a dog around. Dobermans are the prettiest :) Love them. Maybe sometime this year if I’m lucky… :)

Here are some photos of my old baby Bai-Lee:






Friday – SPA day

Hey everyone :)
Didn’t really have time to blog this weekend. On Friday I went to the Boardwalk Hotel Spa with Nikki and Mignon :) it was soooo lovely! Had a hot stone massage and Nikki and Mignon had some stick massage. The girl massaging me was amazing! The spa is really lovely and we were bubbling in the pool for a bit. After our massages we ordered in a bottle of wine. After we were finished at the spa we had dinner and more wine on the hotel terrace. A super lovely girls night :)














Vegetarian meat dreams.

I’ve been a vegetarian for about 8 years now so it’s super weird to me that I’ve recently been craving meat like a crazy person. I have missed eating salami since day one but the past 2 months or so I have actually been craving not just salami but like steaks and stuff. I’m not sure if there is anything like nutrients or something that’s missing in my body, if I need to eat more protein? But I think I eat enough protein anyway so that’s weird. In the beginning when I first went vegetarian I had nightmares about eating meat haha and now 8 years later it’s just sweet dreams hahaha. Some days I’m seriously considering eating meat again…but I just don’t. Has anyone else felt the same way?


Happy New Year!


Haha I know it’s a bit late to say Happy New Year, it’s not THAT new anymore but since it’s my first post of the year it seemed perfect to mention. So a lot has happened since my post but I’m not gonna tell you about everythingDecember was amazing though and there will be a post about it later.
Now I’m back in Port Elizabeth planning 2013. Lots to think about and do.
Was supposed to be detoxing and stuff but seriously that’s just not fun haha so instead I’m just just gonna be making bit healthier choices. I don’t feel like giving up everything I like to be healthy. Healthy surely must mean being a bit unhealthy and happy? I love my reasoning. However, it is time to start working out again. Nikki and I are now going to start training for a half marathon. I’m very excited about it! : ) We are starting next week. Feels like 2013 is going to be amazing – so far it has been excellent. Wishing all you guys the best year ever : )

Peace Love and Happiness

Last friday in Port Elizabeth – for a while.

I can’t believe it’s only 4 days left before we leave to Cape Town! I am so excited!! :) Still have to pack, but think sunday is a good day for that.  These 3 months here in Port Elizabeth just flew by, feels like we just got here. Lately I have been feeling so happy and excited about everything, love it. I think the weather has had something to do with it, the heat and the sunshine is good for me.

Having gone a bit overboard with the exercising this week ended with me having a fever yesterday. My body’s way of saying ‘Chill out!’. But today I am feeling hundreds again and will take it easy with todays workout. Instead of jogging/power walking 25K (like I did on monday) I will just follow Tracy Anderson’s moves on one of my dvd’s. She always manages to make me kick my own butt haha. I was actually looking to buy her Metamorphosis dvd’s but it turns out that you can only get them from her own website With all the weird customs rules and charges and stuff I’m gonna pass on those dvd’s.

Tracy Anderson David Shankbone 2010

Tracy Anderson David Shankbone 2010 (Photo credit: david_shankbone)


Later today there are hellos and goodbyes to said over drinks at Bridge Street Brewery. Lovely weather today so it will be the perfect place :)

A surfing kind of Wednesday

I started my day by eating a healthy breakfast, egg white omelette and coffee… Then went for a 5K jog down by the beach. Awesome. Went back home and put on one of Robins old wetsuits and went surfing for an hour with Ryan. More awesomeness. Got back and had cookies and pringles. Not so awesome. And have since been feeling kind of crap. Like I have a fever almost. So I have been lying in bed drinking tea while the guys are playing games. Didn’t expect surfing to be so tough on my poor little body! Ryan just said it might have been too much sun for me today. It was nice though :) Being pushed onto waves and pretending I was flying with my arms wide like they were my wings and the surfboard my plane haha. I’m so normal, I’m in the water on a surfboard pretending that I’m flying on clouds instead of white water. I did manage to get two waves on my own without being pushed – tough work for my arms. No way I’m standing up on that thing with my balance all over the place. Maybe if I had one of those stand up paddle (SUP) boards… I really wanna try that! A better fitting wetsuit would have been cool also, so the freezing water don’t leak in everywhere. Even my feet hurt now… surfing is not for me, but a great workout! Anyway, time to watch a movie and then sleep. Haha wanted to say time to go to bed but I’m already in bed! :) Good night! xoxo

New Nike darlings

Went shopping at Greenacres today and thanks to my lovely boyfriend I am now the proud owner of a lovely pair of black and neon yellow Nike running shoes. Getting them got my motivation up so much that I went for a jog straight away after I got back home :) Who knew my motivation was hiding in a pair of shoes haha. And it feels way easier to run in them compared to my other ones. Love love love them :) Made a deal with myself to go for a jog in the mornings from now on.

Shopping in Jeffreys Bay.

Got ready this morning for a trip to Jeffreys Bay with Ryan. It didn’t really feel that cold so I wore a skirt and a t-shirt with boots and my lovely leather jacket. By the time we got there it started to rain a bit, and for some weird reason some of the shops decided it was a good idea to have their air con on making it colder (think freeze-box) inside than it was outside. After about 2 hours of shopping it started Raining. Heavy rain. Raining sideways with raindrops the size of marbles. Lovely, not so much. Luckily I bought a RVCA hoodie at the last place (the RVCA store) before we headed out into the rain and back into the car. So I just put it on like a second after it was paid for. RVCA by the way has the coolest stuff for guys – love them!

Didn’t really need the sunglasses…

Life by Sofie

Got most of the guys (Ryan & Robin’s) Indo trip shopping done which was great.

RVCA t-shirts

Three RVCA t-shirts. The grey one was actually for me but silly little me forgot to check the size before buying it haha. A medium is waaay too big, should have gotten a XS, so I gave it to Ryan. :(

Surf wax, sunscreen, ding repair kit (?) and a million (5) board socks.

RVCA shorts! Love them. For Ryan, not me. I got a pair of leather shorts :) love them even more.

Board short and rash vests (? correct me if I’m wrong – I’m not a surfer).

Two coffin bags so that they can pack 3 boards in each one.


Would have loved to stay and shop a bit longer but the weather just made it impossible. Most of the stuff there is really surf fashion and surf stuff but it’s not impossible find cute things anyway.

RVCA online –

RVCA in South Africa -

Healthy Week Day 1 – part 2.

So today wasn’t extremely healthy or anything, just reasonably healthy. It started out great with a super healthy breakfast. For lunch I made a tomato and carrot soup that was lovely. It has been so crazy cold here today that I needed some heavy hot foods to keep my body from turning into ice. I mean, not literally that would be impossible but while I was cooking I was shaking…from the cold not like dancing and shaking. Anyway, for dinner I needed something hot, spicy and heavy so I made a form of vegetarian thai green curry thingy with rice. I loved it, but my boyfriend not so much. He did not appreciate the bamboo shoots and chest nuts and stuff, but he did enjoy the carrot soup. Is it just me or is really hard to want to eat a salad when you’re freezing? That must be normal.




The wine glass in the second photo is not mine by the way – told you I want to be healthy this week haha.

Day 1 of my healthy week.

Good morning everyone! 

Yesterday was really nice, watched 21 Jump Street while snacking on chocolate, Pringles, popcorn and having a couple of glasses of red wine. Never really been a fan of white chocolate but this Jelly Tots one is YUM. Anyway, 21 Jump Street was really funny, Jonah Hill rocks. The other guy was pretty funny as well, you know ‘the good-looking one’ (I don’t actually think he is) Channing Tatum.
The other movie ‘Wrath of the Titans‘ was quite crap to honest. That’s all I’m gonna say about it. I’m no movie review expert. :P

Today is a cold one so I’m just gonna workout at home – I’m thinking Pilates and dancing. I’ve decided to make this a healthy week so I started my morning with a egg white omelette with chili powder and bean sprouts (and a million cups of coffee – not very healthy but I can’t not drink coffee). Still have to see what’s for lunch and dinner…  but it needs to be healthy. I think my body is craving vitamins and all that other healthy stuff that you get from real food. If you have any suggestions on super nutritious meals or anything healthy then please feel free to share it with me :)

Jelly Tots white chocolate

Can one desire too much of a good thing?” – William Shakespeare