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Workout tips

After updating my blog a bit (tell me what you think please) it is now time to work out :) My knee is still not back to normal though, tried to go for a jog yesterday but had to power walk instead. I really hope my poor little knee gets better soon! Anyway, since I won’t be able to jump around too much – and I can’t leave the flat cause I’m still waiting for the maid to come – I’m gonna exercise at home. I’m a fan of workout dvd:s but at the moment I am a bit bored with ones I have so Instead I’m gonna put some music on and follow these workouts  I found on tumblr :) Check them out they are really good!

Malibooty Workout

Fit by Summer

Skinny jean workout

Last friday in Port Elizabeth – for a while.

I can’t believe it’s only 4 days left before we leave to Cape Town! I am so excited!! :) Still have to pack, but think sunday is a good day for that.  These 3 months here in Port Elizabeth just flew by, feels like we just got here. Lately I have been feeling so happy and excited about everything, love it. I think the weather has had something to do with it, the heat and the sunshine is good for me.

Having gone a bit overboard with the exercising this week ended with me having a fever yesterday. My body’s way of saying ‘Chill out!’. But today I am feeling hundreds again and will take it easy with todays workout. Instead of jogging/power walking 25K (like I did on monday) I will just follow Tracy Anderson’s moves on one of my dvd’s. She always manages to make me kick my own butt haha. I was actually looking to buy her Metamorphosis dvd’s but it turns out that you can only get them from her own website With all the weird customs rules and charges and stuff I’m gonna pass on those dvd’s.

Tracy Anderson David Shankbone 2010

Tracy Anderson David Shankbone 2010 (Photo credit: david_shankbone)


Later today there are hellos and goodbyes to said over drinks at Bridge Street Brewery. Lovely weather today so it will be the perfect place :)