Time to move on


So we just found out that ‘they’ sold the apartment we are living in and now we have 3 months to find a new place. I’ve been looking for a nice place that allows pets as I really wanna get a dog(!) but it seems impossible to find unless you wanna buy a place…and we don’t. Not a lot of pet friendly places here in Port Elizabeth so the puppy might have to wait a few years 😪 However I am going to look at a place later today thats not pet friendly but looks amazing online so I’m hoping it is as amazing as it seems haha. Wish me luck! :)

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7 responses to “Time to move on

  1. Wishing you a lot of luck! But you are so smart that you actually don’t need it. And maybe the landlord could be persuaded to let you have a dog that doesn’t shed hair, like a pudel? Lots of hugs!

    • Thank you mami :):) But the way things are looking I would be happy to be able to have a mini pinscher.. Def not a pooooodle haha Mini dogs seem to be ok with more places. One day I will get my Doberman! Just maybe not now. 💖 Lots of hugs!

  2. Good luck with finding a new place :)

  3. I was just in a similar situation as you this summer. Best of luck! It can be overwhelming and frustrating but you will find something even better! Fingers crossed it is animal friendly. :)

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