February Christmas Presents

This afternoon a package arrived for me from my mom. All the way from Sweden to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Only takes about 1 1/2 months haha. Good thing she didn’t send me cheese! Instead I got a package of hand made things. Hand made as in made by my mom! :)

I got this lovely blanket – at the moment its lying on my bed as a throw or whatever it’s called.





Second thing I got was this hood-thingy. And as you can see my mom made it my fashion ;) Fashion by Sofie. How sweet!

Untitled 2


The third thing my mom made are these wrist warmers, not sure if that’s what they are actually called but I’m calling them that from now on haha. They are mine so I can call them whatever I want. I could call them Bernardies if wanted to, but I don’t, so I won’t, As you can see my little logo is on them too. Fashion by Sofie. I like it. Having my own logo. Also the wrist warmers are insanely fluffy and soft. Will be nice when it’s winter (a months from now).


The final thing in my package was this….troll? Yes, a troll. Wearing earrings that I will steal from him. Not sure if my mom made the earrings as well, she said it was all hand made so I’m guessing she did. Did you?
Thank you so much for the presents mom!

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3 responses to “February Christmas Presents

  1. isn’t your mum lovely! i love your wonderful blog, thank you so much for visiting mine!

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