A surfing kind of Wednesday

I started my day by eating a healthy breakfast, egg white omelette and coffee… Then went for a 5K jog down by the beach. Awesome. Went back home and put on one of Robins old wetsuits and went surfing for an hour with Ryan. More awesomeness. Got back and had cookies and pringles. Not so awesome. And have since been feeling kind of crap. Like I have a fever almost. So I have been lying in bed drinking tea while the guys are playing games. Didn’t expect surfing to be so tough on my poor little body! Ryan just said it might have been too much sun for me today. It was nice though :) Being pushed onto waves and pretending I was flying with my arms wide like they were my wings and the surfboard my plane haha. I’m so normal, I’m in the water on a surfboard pretending that I’m flying on clouds instead of white water. I did manage to get two waves on my own without being pushed – tough work for my arms. No way I’m standing up on that thing with my balance all over the place. Maybe if I had one of those stand up paddle (SUP) boards… I really wanna try that! A better fitting wetsuit would have been cool also, so the freezing water don’t leak in everywhere. Even my feet hurt now… surfing is not for me, but a great workout! Anyway, time to watch a movie and then sleep. Haha wanted to say time to go to bed but I’m already in bed! :) Good night! xoxo

8 responses to “A surfing kind of Wednesday

  1. Most people are too afraid to try surfing, you never know, you may be hitting the waves soon or at least in your dreams….:)

    • In my dreams I shop non-stop hahaha my boyfriend is the one who surfs and dreams about it! I have just tried it out and paddled a bit a couple of times. Surfing is not really my thing but it looks really cool :)

      • LOL I never shopped in my dreams…But, 3 years ago I took my Hubbys long board to an all girl surfing trip to the rocky San Onifre (Beach San Diego, Ca.) where I didn’t securely tighten my leash. As I crashed into the wave the board crashed against the rocks. Unaware of the damage, I kept at my attempts. Turned out the surf board was water logged and I had one unhappy and sad hubby who admired his board against the wall. When we moved here in March, we trashed it. I think it was a hurtful reminder of his earliest days of surfing…I owe him big time, still.

      • Awww poor hubby of yours! But I guess things happen when you surf… I hate that leash, at least yesterday my boyfriend was nice enough to let me try without it. I’m too scared of the board snapping back and hitting me in the head if I fall. But without the leash I’m not as scared and more willing to actually try to stand up and stuff. Must have been fun though to go on an all girls surfing trip! I still haven’t tried long-boarding – will have to one day!

  2. I’m now learning to practice kite surf!

  3. I’ve never surfed before, but would really like to try. Hope you feel better soon

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