Lunch at Bridge Street Brewery – Outfit of the day

I kept my promise to myself and went jogging this morning :) Did a 8K jog/power walk. It was a beautiful morning and after my jog I was feeling on top of the world and have been all day really, in such a good mood. Went for an early lunch at the Bridge Street Brewery with Ryan. I feel like we go there a LOT, and we do, but I mean why not when the food is super yum and the place is really cool. I was told by my dear boyfriend today that no one really says ‘super yum’ which I thought was crazy so now I’m going to say it more often just because haha. Anyway, I had a super yum lovely greek salad, trying to be healthier and all but I suspect it really wasn’t all that healthy cause I mostly just ate the feta cheese and the olives, and to finish it all off I had a KitKat haha. Ryan had the bread board and home made style fries (chips). The bread board is probably the best thing to eat at Bridge Street Brewery, if you don’t eat meat cause I really wouldn’t know what the meat is like.

Outfit of the day: Sweater from YDE, Sunglasses from MNG / Mango, Leggings from Von Zipper, Belt from Foschini, Shoes from Mr.P./Mr. Price, Bag from Chanel and my lovely new (got it yesterday) bracelet from YDE / Young Designers Emporium.

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13 responses to “Lunch at Bridge Street Brewery – Outfit of the day

  1. your bracelet is gorgeous!

  2. You look fab!! Did you go jogging with your new nike?

    • Thank you :) Of course I went jogging with my new Nike shoes, I’m in love with them – usually new shoes always hurt my feet but they don’t hurt one bit, super comfortable.

  3. Looking casually hot there! The skinnies sheen, shoulder baring top and chic cuff! Wow those new tennis from your run have got you feeling great! Don’t you just love it! :)

    • Thank you :):) The shoes just changed my mood and I’m still feeling great haha, not sure what changed or how a pair of running shoes can do that but I’m happy and loving it!

      • I tell ya, shoes can make or break an outfit, or dictate how we feel after wearing them. How many of us can admit to wearing not so comfortable shoes where they kill our feet at the end of the day. I can!

      • Very true, couldn’t agree with you more!

  4. Wow I love the metallic Von Zipper leggings : you have killer legs !!!

  5. loved the leather pants- chanel bag combo! such a lovely outfit

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