Back from WordPress fail

Hello guys! I haven’t been able to blog since friday, for some weird reason wordpress just didn’t want to work. It took me forever to try and load a page and my Dashboard didn’t work at all. Not much new to tell you about… had a power failure on saturday from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm. Partying in the dark haha. Robin, Ryan, Preller and I had a few beers in the dark while using up the battery life on our MacBook Pro’s and iPads. On sunday we watched some movies and chilled. Loved ‘John Carter’ and ‘Contraband’! Not sure I was loving Kate Beckinsale as a blonde, but she’s a good actress anyway.
Today has been really nice, went for lunch at ‘the Coachman’ with Ryan to celebrate our 3 years and 8 months together. Had a lovely meze platter with hallumi, calamari, mushrooms, fries and salad. YUM!

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11 responses to “Back from WordPress fail

  1. I remember contraband Kate’s brother in the movie was always getting himself in trouble and it was up to Marky Mark to help right? Laughing. If you are using WP on iPad, I noticed I had to update which completely changed the look of the software. Though I normally post from my iMac, strange you were having WP issues, well glad they are resolved!

    • Yes, it’s super frustrating when the brother does everything wrong and refuses to listen haha. Watching ‘Walking Dead’ and that is even more frustrating, the people are practically begging to get killed and running in the wrong direction and doing everything wrong. Anyway, I’m actually using WP on my MacBook Pro, it’s still slow but at least the pages are loading now. Not sure what the problem could be…everything is updated.

  2. hey hey! just found you out, and doll you look fab! its the first time i see someone from south africa and its so interesting!

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