Women’s Day Lunch With the Guys.



Lovely day today – Woman’s Day and all :) We decided to go for lunch and enjoy the sunshine on the balcony at ‘The Kelway Hotel’. Turns out that there is absolutely nothing vegetarian to eat there so we just had a beer and chilled for a little while.  I think Robin needs couches like these on his balcony :)








What I wore today: Top from H&M, Pants from Von Zipper, Bag from Chanel, Shoes…?, and the belt used to be my moms.



After The Kelway hotel we went to eat at ‘the Coachman’. Enjoyed the view and spotted a few dolphins in the water. I had this amazing starter for lunch called ‘Avocado Ritz’, basically avo with prawns, lettuce and dressing. We all ate a bit too much but it was so nice!




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6 responses to “Women’s Day Lunch With the Guys.

  1. Great outfits both of you. Those heels are amazing and pairs so well with stripes! :)

  2. That place is amazing! Where do you live?

  3. Great blog! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am taking your feeds also

  4. cute bag!! ( and boyssss) hihihi

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