Chilling with my fluff monster in front on the laptop today. Feels so good to finally have chairs to sit on around the table!! Went almost 4 months without chairs haha. No real plans for the rest of the day. Yesterday we went to Emilio’s first puppy class and he was so scared and shaky it’s not even funny but he is ahead of the rest of the puppies in his class. He already knows most commands ❤️ Proud chi mami here haha.

Anyway I’m hoping my love will finish earlier today – then I’ll make some paella and maybe have a glass of wine.
It is Wednesday after all 😋
Hope you all are having a great day!

1940′s themed birthday party

Ryan and Robin turned 30 on the 26th of december and on the 28th they had their bday party :) It was a 1940′s allied forces themed party. Super cool and everyone made such an effort to dress up and looked awesome. Zané did an amazing job putting it all together! :)

The Victory roll required a bucket and a half of effort to get done but I finally got something that looked close to one ;)

Had to steal most of the photos from Ryan’s parents and Nikki cause I didn’t take any photos at the actual venue…



Handsome boyfriend of mine ;)

Nikki and I :)

Nikki and I :)



Zané and Robin :)

Zané and Robin :)

Ryan, me and Brett

Ryan, me and Brett

Robin and Ryan with their parents Wim and Doreen

Robin and Ryan with their parents Wim and Doreen

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.57.22 AM

Martin and Nikki

Martin and Nikki

All the party peeps ;)

All the party peeps ;)

Ryan and I :)

Ryan and I :)

Emilio Estevez – 13 weeks old

IMG_5423The holidays are over and Ryan and I are back home in PE again with our little puppy Emilio :) We have now had him for 11 days. He is the most amazing little guy. Never barks, super loving and affectionate, intelligent (!!!) – he already knows how to sit, stand, spin and lay down. He does his business outside, even though I have to wake up super early every morning to take him out at least he lets me know he needs to go instead of doing his business inside! Oh and he knows how to stay – sort of. He switches between hyper and asleep hahaha ;) And like the rest of the peeps in this household he is addicted to cheese..!




Emilio 7 weeks old

Can’t wait to bring him home!!! He’s just the cutest little thing :):) He’s growing so quickly and by the time we pick him up he will have started losing his baby fur. Long haired chihuahuas are too cute!




I got older…

Yesterday was my 30th birthday!!! Madness. We celebrated it this past Saturday and I’m so thankful for my lovely friends who partied it up with me :)










Hope everyone is having a great day – mine is pretty awesome :)
The weather is super nice so I’m trying to get a tan on my poor pale legs, in my (Ling Ling you forgot your..) bling bling sunglasses while listening to music and doing my nails. Just wish it was weekend and Ryan didn’t have to work so we could have a beer together outside in the sun. Hopefully the weather stays like this now – not a fan of extreme windiness like it was yesterday haha.

Summer is here!!! :)

Photo on 2013-11-21 at 1.53 PM #4 Photo on 2013-11-21 at 1.53 PM #3

Emilio Estevez – the Chihuahua

Sooooooooo happy to say that my birthday present this year will be the cutest little fluff monster ever – a little long coated chihuahua puppy that we are calling Emilio Estevez! He won’t be ready for my actual birthday but we will pick him up in the beginning of January when he is 12 weeks old. I’m so excited and have already started puppy prepping :)  Can’t wait to bring him home!

Emilio @ 4 weeks

Emilio @ 4 weeks